Reusable Metal Water Bottles - a Benefit to the Earth and the People Living On It

bullet imagebullet imageSwell is a company that manufactures stainless steel water bottles whose sole purpose is to eradicate plastic water bottles from the face of the plant. It's absolutely true. It is estimated that more than 50 billion plastic S'well water bottles end up in landfills annually in the united States. Worldwide the estimates are over 200 billion every year.

The goal of the company was to invent a beautiful vessel in which to carry beverages. One that would keep cold beverages cold for at least 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours. They would also give to those less fortunate through charitable organizations. Swell proudly supports UNICEF by donating $100,000 towards an initiative to supply pure drinking water to the globe's most needy children.

An average metal bottle available through a number of manufacturers holds a large amount of liquid and are refillable. However, they are not attractive and certainly not something an executive wants to be seen toting around the office. So a few years ago, Swell's founder set out to create a water bottle that would do just that. The Swell water bottle is available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and designs.

Browse online at to see the latest offerings of colors and designs. Choose from the metallic collection, the Pink collection for breast cancer, the wood collection, the exotic collection (think snakeskin), stone, satin, or glitter collection. The choices don't end there either. There is also the elements, galaxy, shimmer, love, or textile collection to pick from as well

Most consumers realize that reusable metal bottles are an environmentally better option than choosing one-time use plastic bottles. With any number of metal bottles to choose from one of the things that sets Swell bottles apart from their competitors is its double-wall insulation. There is also no glass inside as in a regular thermos so nothing that can break if dropped.

A Swell bottle holds 17 ounces of liquid and has a slightly larger opening than other bottles. The larger opening allows average size ice cubes to be used easily and it is easier to fill, clean, and drink from. The cap itself has a unique design that makes it comfortable to twist off, provides a watertight seal, and with its coarse threads takes only a few twists to remove.

With an average price of around $35, they are one of the highest priced metal bottles on today's market. Consumers worldwide love these bottles which are distributed in 35 countries globally. The bottles feature an innovative design and shape, keeps beverages insulated for hours without becoming uncomfortable to the tough, and 10% of all sales are donated to WaterAid.